Dominique Lienhard Réalisateur et scénariste
Dominique Lienhard
Réalisateur et scénariste

Generating emotions

For me as a spectator the experience has always been a magic one. You enter the cinema hall, carrying inside you all your little worries and tribulations. Then the lights go out, the film begins and immediately you are submerged into another world- America in the 30s, Japan in the 50s, Argentina of today. There are languages that are difficult to understand and cultures that seem apart from our own, and at times one is overwhelmed by emotions in response to a protagonist’s fate. What is it that causes such emotions? Why were they evoked by this particular film and why at this very moment? It is such questions that I am fascinated by. I am drawn towards many different kinds of films. But the films that touched me most, and, where upon viewing I think to myself I would like to direct that film myself, have always been simple stories: stories about family relationships. The films by Ozu, Carlos Sorin or Kore-Eda are prime examples.

Why do I make films? Maybe so that someone here or elsewhere in a cinema audience, with all their little worries and tribulations will experience similarly profound emotions.


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2020, Feature film , screenplay and directing

2001, Short film, screenplay and directing

2002, Short film, screenplay (Project by ARTE)


2012, Screenplay for a feature film

2009-2010, Screenplay for a feature film

2007-2008, Screenplay for a feature film