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Marie and I

Screenplay for a Feature Film

David is acting in the last scene of one of his own plays. It isn’t exactly a success: the hall is virtually empty. Nevertheless, a spectator applauds. Marie. It’s love at first sight. Well in fact, only for Marie. David is too preoccupied with writing a new film script for a comedy, in which the main character, Georges, is a Don Juan. But David begins to feel that his main character is escaping him: Georges increasingly dismisses his role as a heartbreaker. He wants to lend his life new meaning. At the same time, David notices that Marie is escaping him too: she simply disappears. So David starts to look after her. Yet without any success. Discouraged and sad, he goes to watch a retrospective of black & white films at the cinema. There, he meets face to face with…Georges, his main character! Georges complains to his creator that he is missing the female company and that he wants to experience a real love story. If David helps Georges, then possibly Georges could also help David to find Marie?

The polar star

Screenplay for a Feature Film
Written by Dominique Lienhard
Developed with Butterfly Productions

Ariane, an 18 year-old biathlon competitor, returns home at dawn after a party. She discovers her father, Serge, hanged. A message on her fathers mobile soon reveals his double life. Ariane discovers that her father had a mistress, Elvire, who is pregnant. Ariane makes it her duty to find Elvire. In the meantime, Ariane’s mother sinks into madness. Ariane still has strong memories of her father and upholds these through a kind of fantasy where she acts as if her father were still alive. Yet – step by step – this quaint relationship fades and the pain grows.

Actors who gave their agreements: Sara Forestier, Zabou Breitman, Sergi Lopez, Suzanne Clement

Along the Main Road

Script for Feature Film
Script by: Dominique Lienhard
Developed with Butterfly Productions

A peasant living on a remote farm by a long road in the middle of a forest, quickly closes his shutters. He is scared. An endless column of prisoners is to pass by, just in front of his house. The end of the war is close and a coalition will soon set the country free. The farmer is angry that these prisoners must pass by his farm of all places. So far, he’s always managed to protect his wife and 16 year-old daughter from the throes of war.

Actors who gave their agreements: Denis Podalydès, Laura Morante, Déborah François, Stanislas Merhar, Carlo Brandt